Tales Of Entropy #1: HOLLOW is now available! Visit http://www.asylumink.net to see the site, store, and more! I would love to know what everyone thinks. For a direct link to purchase Hollow, visit http://www.drivethrucomics.com/product/189533/Tales-Of-Entropy-Hollow

“The Old Ones are waking once more…”

The Artist crafted his masterpiece throughout the city in flesh and blood of its residents. A work of art to rival the greats, and in doing so, please those that lurk beyond. Wanting to expand his “materials”, The Artist stalked Detective Jennifer Kale, turning hunter into prey – a decision that ultimately leads to his downfall.

Now over a decade later, Jennifer Kale and her child are thrust into an even more nightmarish world as The Artist returns triumphantly from beyond to complete his work and herald the return of his masters. In a world unprepared for the things that lurk beyond, can a hardened Detective unravel the secret of The Artist, or will the world be consumed in a tide of madness as the very walls of reality crumble around us?

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