By Alex Ness



A couple days without internet taught me a lesson. Watch more old movies, read more books, and stay off the internet a bit more often. Being connective all the time is no great thing, in fact, I found the quiet of it being off to be a release, and a blessing.


What did I watch? The Adventures of Robin Hood with Errol Flynn. What did I read? A lot of things including comics and books, but included amongst them was The Murders in the Rue Morgue by Edgar Allan Poe.





Have you ever noticed that whatever you like most, there is a jerk who seeks you out to tell you he hates that. I am not sure if that means he is trying to be better than you, or to oddly try to communicate with you. Perhaps this person has a dog shit soul and can’t help it. When the recent American Godzilla film arrived a former friend I had, who has Asperger’s, wrote to send me all sorts of poor reviews of the film, that he would never see. His taste ranges from foot fetish porn to documentaries about the atomic bomb research, so he isn’t the sort to enjoy it, but he was bound and determined to try to cause me to not enjoy it. When football season came his two favorite teams, teams that are frontrunners, were expected to win, as always, but he sent me scouting reports about my teams because “your teams just can’t win with their players”. I didn’t try to explain to him that I don’t like a film because it pleases him, I don’t like a team because it is “the best”. My list of beloved movies would confuse him. A team composed of my favorite players would not, by any means, be filled with players considered to be the best of all time. This is not to poop on the person in question, just to say, enjoy what you enjoy, for the reasons you like. If a reviewer shits on your favorite film, it does not change the film in any sort of way. Don’t let other people steal the joy you feel, regarding movies, or anything else. You only get one life, unless you are a cat, then you get 9 lives, don’t waste the one life letting others crush your soul.





3The discussions here about Godzilla have not gone passed me without my noticing them. I am also a fan of the great radioactive beast. I was 8 years old watching King Kong vs. Godzilla on the television of my Uncle and Aunt, in Minneapolis during the summer, and I was astonished that they had not changed the channel. This would not have been the case in my home. Here was a movie of magnificence, of power, of silly camp performances, I’d never known such a beast as Godzilla, and I loved it. You will never receive critical analysis from me about Godzilla movies. I might not enjoy some as I do others, but they occupy a place in my heart when they miss the place in my mind. I become an 8 year-old boy sitting on the floor, in rapt attention, in my uncle and auntie’s home, forever, again.   Just recently I was able to see the Japanese language version, and it used English subtitles and I was stunned how much better it was. I wasn’t sure that that was possible.





4The comics available to me, between 1969 and 1982 were mostly, if not all DC Comics and Marvel Comics.   When people discuss the rise of Independent comics it is important to remember that for many people, we never heard of them even, to buy them was secondary to knowledge of them. I found a comic shop in my first year of college, (in Marshfield Wisconsin). I was like a kid in a candy shop, but, was a bit peeved at the owner, who was very much the comic shop guy from the Simpsons. He was a grotesque stereotype, fat, sweaty, opinionated, obnoxious asshole. And, he mocked whatever comic books that you happened to bring up to buy.   I am not suggesting that he had bad taste, perhaps he did, perhaps not. But one does not grow in taste just sitting where you are and reading what you read. So I appreciate that he suggested new things for me to read. Life is odd in that, I was insulated from many things in my small town life, but I don’t think it was for the worse. I read every thing I could, I enjoyed everything I was introduced to in comics, games, moves and the like, and now feel fulfilled in those areas.




5I don’t like a wide variety of books, movies and games people like because they seem endless. I am a fellow who like short stories, and if the game play doesn’t give closure, I don’t want to play. If the books have 20 volumes before the end, I fear that the writer will die and the series will end without an ending. Game of Thrones from the very beginning seemed endless, and hasn’t ended. If it does end, I’ll accept that I am wrong. Also, the game Magic the Gathering does not appeal to me in any way, shape, or form. Yes I did play it. I liked the art. That was all.



6I confess that I do like many things for reasons that other people don’t give one solitary shit about. I don’t like the game Magic, but I could easily enjoy collecting cards from the game by various artists I liked. The same goes for a number of other failed or less successful fantasy themed card games. If Michael Whelan, Brom, Timothy Bradstreet, or any else I like is featured upon the cards, and the cards are in the 29¢ a pack bargain bin, I won’t be playing the game, but I will be picking up the packs looking for the nice cards. Many can be signed, and I’ve had them signed.



7I am going through health events still, although the cancer seems to be going away and staying away. As such, my schedule here should be considered to be every 10-14 days I think. Weekly would be nice, but, I have issues with my ability to sit and write. On the other hand, I like writing so this is a nice place to come to and chat. So I don’t intend to stop.