By Alex Ness

Considering Comics, Books, Film and Games

November 9, 2014

Why call myself the fool? I don’t know, maybe because it fits. Anyone who has written about comics knows that very few people who write comics make enough money to make a living doing so. Those writing about comics make far less than those writing comics do, and far fewer writing about comics make enough to live upon. So I must be a fool to go from the world of writing about them, to writing creatively, to return. Except for this, this fool is going into the comics world with eyes open this time. Plus, I love comics and the other media mentioned. I prefer to write creatively than that of performing interviews or reviews, or writing commentary, however, I think there is good in each area.

My areas of taste do rule my interests, however. So at some point I realize, I am not doing reviews so much as suggesting that you read these books, games, films or whatever… I simply get bored and disgusted reading or writing negative reviews.


I have a few things to say still both about the media in general and specific. I have a son who keeps me aware of the day to day world of popular media. And I still have stories to tell, both from my past, and creative stories I could write, well, not shite stories for vanity purposes.

You might want to know who am I and why the hell do I act like everyone should know me? … Well

In the 2000s I wrote for a number of comics sites, and under a pseudonym for two large restaurant review sites. Almost none of those works remain online due to the waves of hacking, and online ruptures due to lack of interest and loss of service.

Prior to that however, I was not so internet inclined. I have two university degrees in History and Political Science. I attended, for many many years, the University of Minnesota/Duluth, and later for my Master’s Degree, North Dakota State University. Whatever my training, I’ve pursued a different path than most people would have preferred for me. Having worked in teaching, labor, retail and manufacturing, I was attempting to find my way, but all the while, and since my youngest memories, I’ve written poetry, and read about history and myths. Writing provided a chance to still teach universal truths, through stories, as well as allowing me to develop further as a poet. It has been said that poets tell big truths through many small lies, and I believe it to be true.

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