The saga of Entropy is a generational struggle against the collapse of society, the betrayal of friendships and the rise of Lovecraftian horrors from beyond known space. What begins in the not-too-distant future quickly escalates with ramifications felt hundreds of years from now in a sci-fi opera that blends the horror of the Great Old Ones with technology so advanced it appears as magic.

Tales Of Entropy explore the subtle erosion of the walls of reality and the betrayals and horrors hidden within shadow that threaten to consume us all. Self contained tales of science-horror await!
TALES OF ENTROPY Vol 2: Carnival

Welcome to the Carnival!

There are many reasons why people of all ages find themselves drawn to the Carnival. For some there is an air of mystery that surrounds the enchanting tents and colorful characters. For others, a simple need to escape the misery of everyday life is enough to answer the call. No matter the reason, all who enter the Carnival do so of their own free will, carrying with them only the clothes on their back and whatever demons may reside buried deep within their soul

Carnival promises A terrify tale of seduction, corruption, and murder for all whom dare to bear witness to the spectacle that awaits.  Face temptation and betrayal alongside these willing victims in glorious black and white; A silent movie where not even the screams can be heard and no mercy is to be found. Join us in the Carnival!


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