The saga of Entropy is a generational struggle against the collapse of society, the betrayal of friendships and the rise of Lovecraftian horrors from beyond known space. What begins in the not-too-distant future quickly escalates with ramifications felt hundreds of years from now in a sci-fi opera that blends the horror of the Great Old Ones with technology so advanced it appears as magic.

Tales Of Entropy explore the subtle erosion of the walls of reality and the betrayals and horrors hidden within shadow that threaten to consume us all. Self contained tales of science-horror await!

“The Old Ones are waking once more…”

The Artist crafted his masterpiece throughout the city in the flesh and blood of its residents. A work of art to rival the greats, and in doing so, please those that lurk beyond.

Detective Jennifer Kale closed in on the murderer every day as she faced the horrors left on display by “The Artist” – dubbed by the media for his eccentric and horrifying presentations of his victims. Finally cornered by Detective Kale, The Artist  turned the tables, imprisoning Detective Kale for over a week as she endured unspeakable violations at the hand of “The Artist” until in an equal act of brutality, Detective Kale ended the life of the monster, bringing closure to a nightmare that plagued an entire city.

Now over a decade later, Jennifer Kale once more is thrust a nightmarish world as The Artist returns triumphantly from beyond to complete his work and herald the return of his masters. In a world unprepared for the things that lurk beyond, can a hardened Detective unravel the secret of The Artist, or will the world be consumed in a tide of madness as the very walls of reality crumble around us?


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