The saga of Entropy is a generational struggle against the collapse of society, the betrayal of friendships and the rise of Lovecraftian horrors from beyond known space. What begins in the not-too-distant future quickly escalates with ramifications felt hundreds of years from now in a sci-fi opera that blends the horror of the Great Old Ones with technology so advanced it appears as magic.

Tales Of Entropy explore the subtle erosion of the walls of reality and the betrayals and horrors hidden within shadow that threaten to consume us all. Self contained tales of science-horror await!

Our senses define existence, give substance to reality, grounding us in a communal realm where “up” and “down” are clearly, universally defined. But for those plugged in to the Engine, a new existence awaits.

‘Lost Reality’ promised Ted and his friends the ultimate experience in state-of-the-art virtual reality. Able to manipulate the senses of users, the virtual world of the Engine could turn video games into breathtaking vistas indistinguishable from the real world. Within this virtual landscape however, dangers lurk. Ancient beings of power, cut off from our world for millennia, reach out from their places of slumber, infecting the virtual landscape and through it, all of mankind.

For Ted and his friends, escaping reality had become the ultimate reward, but will they be able to survive when the horrors of the virtual bleed into the real world?


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