Horror Writers Interview

Book Title: The Mirrored Room
Genre: Occult /Supernatural
Country of origin: United Kingdom

Short bio:
Anthony Crowley is an Author of Horror and Supernatural literature, and a non-fiction Author of Esoteric Studies and Philosophy. He also writes poetry, magazine articles, and website blogs. Song lyrics and a little music composing ‘The Mirrored Room’ all new novella out soon!!!

I want to ask, have you always been fascinated with the strange and macabre or is that just your preferred writing genre?

From the moment I was born into this world the subjects of Horror, Supernatural and spirituality was always a part of me. I wouldn’t specifically envision the term ‘strange’ more so, Unexplained or lack of understandings by some minorities.

How long have you been writing?
I have been writing since I held my Parker pen for the first time when I was six years old.

What inspired you to do it seriously?
Writing has always been a part of me, I just wanted to show and express to the world my passion’

Describe your writing process. Do you outline, create rough synopses, do you do detailed biographies of the characters before starting to write?
‘An example when I write literature, I sometimes have a word which appears in my mind, usually on a daily basis. Many ideas flow like a river of blood, I then build an idea from that word. Like if I was to plant a seed and watch the growth of my tree of creativity. Also I picture the scene in my mind and describe the elements involved, unless if the writing as a Psychological theme. I then make the reader deliver their own scenario of certainty. Sometimes I have made notes when needed, for example, I can envision a few ideas at one time, then I know I have to make a note, so I can then come back to this idea at a later stage.

How much research do you do before starting to write? I rarely do research for my fiction writings, unless it may have a certain Historical reference of theme, since I was at High School, I learned various subjects which have either strong meanings or elements of interest, which helped in some ways when needed at a later stage.
How did you decide on the cover and did you design it or did you use a professional designer?
Initially I came up with a few ideas and then I thought I wanted to use a strong, but simple image of a mirror in the Centre of the cover. There are other book cover artworks with mirrors, but they feature more than one element on the cover, I wanted the reader to visualize their own thought.
What types of books do you read for entertainment?
I have read many variations of literature with either a particular general interest or field of study, but when I have a very quiet moment and I am not busy I do tend to read a strong, descriptive story. I also enjoy and inspired by the works of Clive Barker, H.P.Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Dennis Wheatley and Stephen King, Bram Stoker, Mary Shelley. One of my favourite modern reads is ‘The Birthing House written by Christopher Ransom. Eventually I want to read ‘The Bell Witch by John F.D.Taff and ‘The Fourth Evil’ by Emory Stone. Previously I graded rare books for a short period of time, and I became an avid collector of antiquities of first edition works. My other reading interest is more of a study of Philosophy and spiritual sciences.

Tell us something about yourself that you don’t usually share with anyone but close friends?
I am an old fashioned and traditional romantic.
What is the creepiest or scariest book that you have read or movie that you have seen?

I have read many forms of literature, but I am not a person who is easily scared. But I find the Psychology within the genre more attentive to the imagination. It is difficult to have one favourite moment in what I have read. But the first time I read ‘The Raven’ by Edgar Allan Poe I felt the vision he expressed within this work,

What aspect of it scared you or shall I say thrilled you in case you aren’t easily scared?
‘The Raven’ gave me a clear focus of reality with fear, which many of us can relate to. The approach and expressive choice of words were capturing to the imagination, for example;

‘Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing,
Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortals ever dared to dream before’

These words pulled me in and I felt a sense of wanting to know more, I was now in this journey, Human emotions can also be a nightmare to many, but I will enjoys the classic visual pose of Poe.

What are the titles of your previous works and what are you working on now?
I have written many works of literature, recently The recent writings I have published are ‘The Fallen Angel’ which is a dark poetic verse, appeared in Sanitarium Magazine (issue 14) and was also mentioned and read on Doctor Snake’s Halloween special Devils Jukebox show. ‘Forgotten Asylum’ was a short, long expressive form of poetry dealing with elements of a Psychiatric patient. ‘The Devils Foot soldier’ was an inspired work based on ‘The Orphan Killer’ ‘Slasher Icon’ movie. Which was also popular and even liked by the creators of the film, and also appeared soon after in Blood Born Magazine I have always wanted to write about ‘Jack The Ripper’ I decided to write a dark and deep poetic work of literature titled ‘The Ripper’ which was recently featured in Massacre Magazine (issue 1) .I have a forthcoming work ‘The Sinister Train’ which is to be featured in the next anthology by Death Throes publishing. I am working on new literature on a daily basis, currently I have just finished a short story titled ‘The Conjuring Road’ which shall be published over the coming weeks ahead in another Horror collection.
Can you give us a small synopsis of your most recent release?
Of course, my forthcoming novella ‘The Mirrored Room’ is a Supernatural/Occult story, about a reality TV Psychic whom lives in denial since the murder of his Wife, and Simon Kessler is about to embark on his biggest show in his career, and along the way he discovers more about his family’s secret magickal, which draws him to search for a lost angelic manuscript of Enochian magick. This is a tale of deception, lies, betrayal and the untold truth of a Psychic’s life as he begins to learn more about himself and his family’s identity. Currently ‘The Mirrored Room’ is nominated for best Occult / Supernatural category book at the ‘Semi- Finals’ of AuthorsdB’ 2013 awards. Where I have recently been a ‘Top ranking 50/100 Author, out of more than 33000 Authors It was an overwhelming experience to be part of.

Do you have a favorite quote?
I have numerous favourite quotes, including my own. But I like a quote stated by one of my influences of Horror, Clive Barker, it reads

‘Everybody is a book of blood;
wherever we’re opened, we’re red’

Who is your favorite author and why?
‘I have several favorite Authors, such as , H.P. Lovecraft, Bram Stoker, Mary Shelley Edgar Allan Poe, Dennis Wheatley, Samuel Taylor Coleridge , Arthur Conan Doyle and modern Authors, such as Stephen King and Clive Barker, I felt comforted by the works of these writers, it was a place I could escape to and feel safe within myself and to want to know more however fearful these worlds might be.

If you were being pursued a fictional character that you fear, who or what is the character and what weapon would you prefer to use to eliminate the threat?

‘There is one character I can recall at this moment who would inflict my mind with forceful mystifying fear, would be the ‘Grim Reaper’ I think the weapon of choice would be my mind, to overpower the moment of fear endured upon me.

Describe the scariest place you could find yourself in and how would you attempt to escape?

That is a difficult question, due to constantly transporting my thoughts to scary locations and surroundings, but which are scary and frightful to others, I find a certain comfort and reality in these environments, I have already been to hell and back on several occasions, I now have free admission to the devils playground, such a fun invitation. When I was younger, I nearly drowned on a few occasions, it would have to be a deep sea cage sinking deeper into the abyss of the ocean, suppose I would try a Houdini form of escaping. There are many nightmares I find myself involved with, it is journey with always some form of solution however brutal or calming it may be…
And what are your plans for the future?

I am writing on a daily basis and always enjoy delivering the goods in body bags , in 2014 I am releasing a collection of short stories, each with an element of Horror and the macabre to be titled ‘Doomsday After Midnight’ ,which the talented and beautiful Assistant/Photographer of Hard rock band ‘Whitesnake’ is kindly letting me use one of her image stills to coincide with the cover artwork, which I am very appreciated and utmost grateful . I shall also continue my writings of dark poetic verses for various magazine features. In the coming weeks I have another featured work ‘The Sinister Train’ to appear in an Anthology by Death Throes Publishing and ‘Shadow of the Wolf’ is appearing in Issue 08 of HelloHorror’ magazine.
I am also writing song lyrics for an Artist, but more shall be announced in time. And I have a forthcoming movie audition for a Psychological Horror film, which I have always been very interested and keen to be part of, I have always enjoyed Drama as another form of expression and direction in creativity. But I would like to finish by mentioning that I have more than 40 unfinished works of literature, some of these projects I began some years ago now, but in time shall be unleashed onto the world.

Thank you so much for participating, Anthony. I look forward to reading your work!



recent published works available at ;

Sanitarium Magazine website – www.sanitariummagazine.com (issues 014,015) – The Fallen Angel & ‘ forgotten Asylum’ .
Massacre Magazine – http://massacrepublishing.com/ ‘The Ripper’ appeared in Issue One
Blood Born Magazine – http://www.bloodbornmagazine.com/
‘The Devils Foot Soldier’ featured.