Through Asylum Ink, I plan to release all of my work exclusively to subscribers..

  • $15 A YEAR SUBSCRIPTION: Currently this includes THREE ILLUSTRATED NOVELS with a 4th in the works, A complete GRAPHIC NOVEL horror story, the two short stories below, and all prints I’ve created in easy viewing format. Additionally all works are offered as PDF downloads for no additional cost.

  • $45 A YEAR SUBSCRIPTION: TWELVE (12!) 12×18 signed prints EVERY YEAR, plus everything included with the standard subscription. These are typically $20 posters each when purchased at convention (a $240 value).

Below are two short stories, to give you a taste of the many types of books you can look forward to by joining me inside the Asylum!

Jason Moser

Enjoy two free short stories:

TALES OF ENTROPY Vol 2: Carnival

Welcome to the Carnival!

A terrify tale of seduction, corruption, and murder for all whom enter the Carnival of their own free will! Face temptation and betrayal alongside these willing victims in glorious silent movie style; the only thing missing is the bone chilling music!

The first chapter in a gruesome tale that ends with murder, betrayal, ancient gods, and mysteries revealed! Subscribe to see how the story unfolds!

 TALES OF ENTROPY Vol 3: Lost Reality

Our senses define existence, give substance to reality, grounding us in a communal realm where “up” and “down” are clearly, universally defined. But for those plugged in to the Engine, a new existence awaits.

‘Lost Reality’ promised Ted and his friends the ultimate experience in state-of-the-art virtual reality. Able to manipulate the senses of users, the virtual world of the Engine could turn video games into breathtaking vistas indistinguishable from the real world. Within this virtual landscape however, dangers lurk. Ancient beings of power, cut off from our world for millennia, reach out from their places of slumber, infecting the virtual landscape and through it, all of mankind.

For Ted and his friends, escaping reality had become the ultimate reward, but will they be able to survive when the horrors of the virtual bleed into the real world?

Just a small example of the many books available now to subscribers: