Enter Here

By Julia Handel

“Took you long enough.”

“That you, Lloyd?”

“Who else?”

“Can’t see you; lotta dark smoke.”

“Grab a couple of those lanterns and come on in, Brax. Didn’t I tell you I’d see you here? What did they get you for?”

“My chemist had a little accident, cooking it up, you know. Blew up the school next door.”

“Shame. Lose the product and the customers.”

“They got you, too, huh.”

“Yah. But my boys working, taking care of business. They go downtown to clean out the trash. Old lady be sittin’ on her front porch waitin’ for her great-grandson get home. Kid move so slow, old lady can’t get back in the house.”

“I hear you. You do your work, mind your business; they get in your face. Lloyd, who’s running this place?”

“New management. Old Boss moved Upstairs.”

“You mean the Guy who swore he’d stay here before he’d take a job Upstairs?”

“That the one.”

“No. That Guy got fired. He can’t go back.”

“He back. Same job–they call him a Consultant.”

“I wouldn’t have thought this place would be so empty. Where are all the lawyers?”

“All them flags waving over there, big sign over the door. They got their own gate, like always.”

“True dat. So, when’s dinner?”

“Those big forks there by the fire pit; you grab them.”

“And do what?”

“Hold back the lawyers. We got ribs, hot sauce. You do eat soul food, don’t you?”

“Ribs? Lloyd, you da Man.”