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For three decades it has gone on. Every stinking year I put out milk and cookies and a list of things I want.  Every year I get nothing.  What kind of fellow is he to build my hopes up only to let me down?

Honestly if I had a belief in the Santa Claus legends, I’d be ok with getting nothing, because, well, I am an older person, and don’t expect to harvest any toys or goodies.  But I was going to mention, if you had Christmas or Hannukah, or Kwanzaa loot that you are itching to spend, have I got a deal for you…

Go to this <a href=> LINK</a> and if you find something you would like to buy, write to me @ . If I have it I’ll try to give you a better price than Amazon.   However, some books are out of print, and others are too expensive to keep on hand.  So ask! You never know.

Other than the crass commercialism I just took part in, my family lives in Minnesota.  It is colder here than many parts of the US, and we have snow.  But while our winter started early this year, a mild temperature front came through and melted our snow.  So, we had a brown Christmas.  Until noon Christmas day, when it snowed, and we then had a white Christmas.



I almost never refer to someone’s weight or looks.  We all have our own looks or size to worry over, and it doesn’t matter to me what anyone else looks like. But Kim Jong-on is a fat fellow in a country that has a large number of people who are starving.  The country has a first rate military, and yet, it plows all available resources it has into the military, when the people are starving.  So with the potential of the North Korean involvement in the Sony Pictures hacking event, I just wanted to herein give the fickle middle finger to Kim Jong-on and say Fuck you fat ass.  You are a fat fuck who is an embarrassment to everyone who ever visited the buffet line.



Here I am returning to the portion of my column where I recommend great comics for a winter snow in weekend, or simply, a weekend of reading.

by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee
From Marvel Comics (12 issue Maxi Series/TPB collection)

My first run at this feature of snowed in weekend comics didn’t include “super-heroes” and a couple people wrote to tell me that I should include them if I am going to be listened to at all. Super heroes do play a huge role in the comic book world. That they do. I am not, however going to be moved by the market, or other people in determining what I write about.  I never have, and never will.

The Inhumans are found in the Marvel comics universe and qualify as super heroes of a sort.  But this is a story with art that is worthy of a Shakespeare play, wrought with tests of loyalty, betrayal, power shifts, anger, love, and war.  The story focuses around the leader Black Bolt as king of the Inhumans, and his wife Medusa, a shiftless brother, and the outside world’s greed, Prince Namor’s anger, and so much more.  The art is moody, dark, shadowy, and brooding.  The writing captures real sounding dialogue despite my suggesting it is Shakespearian in scope, and emotional rage perfectly.

by James Vance and Dan Burr
From Kitchen Sink Press (6 issue Mini Series/TPB)

In Kings in Disguise a boy in the Depression era US is forced to fend for himself in the world when his parents suffer tragedies. The art has a power of illustrating the US in the 1930s perfectly. The boy is taken under wing by various sympathetic travelers and hobos, and he finds out how hard the world can be, for everyone, not just bad people, but everyone. The work is somewhat depressing to read, however, as a travel through America in the 1930s, there are few books nearly as good.  The work is very thorough, the writing is very detailed, and thoughtful, and each of the characters have an individual voice.  This might not have a lot of “action” but for history and learning about the world through the eyes of others, this is a wonderful book.

By Gerry Finley-Day, Alan Moore, and Dave Gibbons
From 2000 AD

The concept of Rogue Trooper is one that is relatively simple, but it is also, very good. Nu-Earth is a planet of constant war. A result of that is that its atmosphere poisoned, few could hope to survive in the open. And, to that extent no human tries. Nu-Earth is in battle, the Norts fight the Southers, and only the Genetic Infantry are able to live upon the planet surface.  There used to be many of the Genetic infantry, but now, there is only one, and he is called Rogue Trooper.

This is the first collection that goes back to the start of the hero’s beginnings.  There is no better place to go for such.  The concept was new enough, there is energy in the story, and the art is fabulous.  I love this kind of work, it is science fiction, at the same time it tells very real war stories.



Someone asked me why do people invite you to comic conventions.  You should be doing readings at a library or nerdy coffee shop, not sitting at a table selling poetry books. I get that, if that is all you know from my work.  But there are a large number of reasons why that is false.

I started in the writing world as a comic book world journalist/blogger in 2002.  I did interviews mostly, but also wrote commentary and did reviews until about 2008.  I’ve reduced the amount of reviews since then, as well as interviews, but I haven’t quit.  Also, I have written comics, and I’ve written more than the above pic shows.  However, since two were released without my getting paid, or getting comps or getting notified, I have no interest in mentioning them here.

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