So chuck this up to first world problems! Getting ready for the Grand Rapids comic con this weekend while trying to get commission work done for clients because I was greedy and couldn’t say no! I couldn’t refuse, rappers fighting off zombie women is just to cool to pass up, and another cover for a client that needs to be done. Wow, busy!

From July to September the freelance world slowed a bit for me. I first had the plague and was unable to do much work and by the time I got over it well, things slowed down for school starting. I’ve learned over the years that there is an ebb and flow to freelancing and holidays as well as school starting or ending play a huge part. So October hit and I needed to step up the pace. WOW, it got stepped up!

I’m going to try to post more frequently so if anyone has questions or comments please let me know. I’ll try to make future posts more focused, this is a bit rambly as I wait for my computer to finish what it’s doing. Have a great weekend and hope to see some of you at the GRCC this weekend!

Jason M.