I’m doing a soft launch for the Entropy series starting right now with Entropy: The Ties That Bind, the first in my series of illustrated novellas. Coming in at over 160 pages of art and story, Entropy merges the worlds of espionage, horror, and sci-fi in a unique way that should please fans of prose and graphic novels alike! Please feel free to check out the online preview and if you are so willing, pick up a digital copy in any number of convenient formats for only $5!


Struggling to hold a crumbling world together, the members of a secret society risk everything to fight back the horrors most of us will never know of.

Angelica Cain was born to these responsibilities by virtue of her fathers membership and now bares witness to secret factions manipulating the governments of the world, genetic experimentation, and even more insidious evil as it seeps into our world, twisting everything to suit unspeakable needs.

As lines are drawn, a brave few will risk everything. But in fighting the monsters of the world, have they become the very thing they fought against?

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