“I am compelled to draw because if I try to stop, this aching, gnawing monster sneaks up behind me forcing me to draw. Having terribly honest people in my life, my work has been pushed beyond the limits I set for myself just making my life more difficult because now I have to work harder to do even better.

Not content to live with my illustration degree from Kendall College of Art and Design, my art monster demanded more, driving me into a life of blending 3d art and traditional techniques to create something unique, a stylized realism that is hard to define yet immediately recognizable. Currently, my monster and I have created numerous publications and been published on countless covers for novels. My personal project, the illustrated novella Entropy, as well as numerous other projects can be found online at asylumink.net with many more in the works, as my monster demands I no longer sleep.”


Are you bored with the same old horror & sci-fy? Do you crave the terrifying and unusual? Then you came to the right place! Asylum Ink has looked into the darkest corners of the world, to bring you the most ghastly and hideous collection of things that should never have been seen! Join Asylum Ink in the unrelenting search for terror!


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Asylum Ink publishes in a variety of digital formats and can accommodate any advertising needs you may have. Be seen at the latest comic book and media conventions and have your ad showcased to tens of thousands of potential customers. We also offer advertising on the Asylum Ink website, limiting the advertising to one sponsor at a time for maximum exposure.


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Our publications appeal primarily to 18-36 year olds, attracting thousands of readers through both internet and physically distributed CD’s. Our goal is to make advertising as painless as possible for you and as enjoyable and captivating as possible for our audience.

Sex  %
Female 5.4
Male 28.6
Age %
18-24 25.6
25-34 14.3
35-44 19.6
45-54 14.3
55-64 8.9
65 and Older 5.7
Race %
African American (black) 3.6
Caucasian (white) 19.6
Did not answer 76.8
Education Status %
None 12.5
Student 3.6
Professional Continuing Education 7.1
Did not answer 76.8
Level of Education %
College Junior 5.4
College Graduate 12.5
Post-Graduate 5.4
Did not answer 76.8
Income %
Less than $24,999 7.1
$25,000 to $34,999 1.8
$35,000 to $49,999 3.6
$50,000 to $74,999 3.6
$75,000 to $99,999 1.8
$100,000 to $149,999 1.8
Did not answer 80.4
Hobbies (top 8)* %
Computers / Internet 17.9
Movies 14.3
Listening to Music 10.7
Board Games 8.9
Do It Yourself 8.9
Hobbies (top 8)* %
Reading 8.9
Dining 7.1
Outdoor Activities 7.1
View Pref (top 8)* %
Science fiction 19.6
Cartoons / Anime 17.9
Educational 16.1
Movies 14.3
News 12.5
Arts and Theater 10.7
Documentaries 8.9
Dramas 8.9
Listening Pref (top 8)* %
Classical 16.1
Rock 14.3
Alternative 12.5
World 8.9
Jazz 7.1
New Age 7.1
Dance 5.4
Electronic 5.4
Food Pref (top 8)* %
Beef / Steak 14.3
Italian 14.3
Asian 12.5
Burger / Hot Dogs 12.5
Deli / Sandwiches 12.5
Mexican 12.5
Pizza 12.5
Bagels / Breads 10.7
Drink Pref (top 8)* %
Coffee / Tea 17.9
Juice / Fruit Drinks 10.7
Soft Drinks 7.1
Alcoholic Beverages 5.4
Bottled Water 5.4
Milk 5.4
Sports / Energy Drinks 3.6
* Readers may select multiple preferences, resulting in percentages which do not total 100%.