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(Abreviated version, download the PDF for the full text)

In this world of tomorrow, science and technology, biomedicine, and cybernetics have made the impossible, possible. Technology formerly considered science fiction quickly becomes science fact. The human race is no more, as only children and the poor remain fully “human.” Instead, the Genetically Modified Humans, Cyborgs, and the mysterious Unborn are quickly becoming the norm. Whether through military use or personal customization and augmentation, the thirst for the latest tech is insatiable.

Through all of this, several groups have guided humanity’s evolution from the shadows. Organizations like the Ellium and Plato Continuum have always existed in the forefront of emerging technology, typically controlling research labs and think tanks from the shadows. How this technology is developed is often a mystery, but for those moving behind the scenes, walking in the shadows, the truth is filled with horrifying experimentation and willful ignorance by those entrusted to protect the innocent.

Enter Entropy: Insurrection, a sci-fi horror adventure that can weave tales of espionage and political intrigue to genetic mutation, viral pandemics, and even long thought mythical monstrosities resurrected through science and other-worldly technologies.

Entropy: Insurrection takes place as a prequel to the events found in the Entropy novels. Future missions will take place at different point in the continuity and will be listed in the title of each mission (found in the MISSION BRIEFING at the forum). There are no limits to the types of missions we will uncover and help build.


Entropy: Insurrection takes place as a prequel to the events found in the Entropy novels. Future missions will take place at different point in the continuity and will be listed in the title of each mission (found in the MISSION BRIEFING at the forum). There are no limits to the types of missions we will uncover and help build.


Designed for a more intimate setting, Entropy: Insurrection is a world building experience. An experiment in prose, role playing, and art. Players/readers become Agents after taking the Agent Assessment where they find themselves paired with both faction and evolution – not a strict requirement by any means, merely a guide for the uninitiated.

The experience of Entropy: Insurrection is both singular and communal. The adventures are navigated by the individual as you make choices that can have powerful ramification on your character, from achieving vast wealth to suffering monumental lows - all revealed on a Insurrection forum, celebrated and discussed by all.

Don’t worry, it’ll make more sense in a minute, I promise!


The following areas are found in the forum:

RESOURCES provide agents with all the tools and contacts they will need to help solve mysteries, escape dangerous threats, and even gain unheard of wealth.

MISSION BRIEFING starts you on your quest. A mission is set up with options made available for agents to choose their next action. Agents will answer questions, provide and solutions to problems or plot out their planned approach to a situation as a reply before making their choice. Once the choice is made, agents will discover the level of success their choice led to and the consequences of not making the correct choice.

MISSION ACTIONS is where the individual missions play out. It is recommended that you bookmark your last page prior to leaving if you haven’t completed a mission. Once the mission has begun, actions will lead to consequences, with wrong choice leading to moments of introspection at the near loss of life or limb and if required, agents will write a response and post their reply. These posts and replies build on the narrative and add to the richness of the experience for all who play.

NUMENIUS CLUB is home to all agents, no matter the faction. Named for the Greek philosopher Numenius, both Pythagoras and Plato were accepted as the two authorities one should follow in philosophy. Agents should join their corresponding factions group (FACTION: ELLIUM or FACTION: PLATO CONTINUUM) to discuss the events of the day in game, plot for the future, and in general grow as a community.

THE EVOLVED is for faction free discussion of the various evolutions found in Entropy. Unborn, GMH, and Cyborgs meet to discuss the latest trends and developments in bio/tech revolution.

AFTER ACTION REPORT is a general forum devoted to discussion of the various missions, free from the political intrigue and machinations found in the faction forums. Ask questions, post suggestions, or anything else mission related can be posted here.

THE SOCIAL CORNER is open to all for any out of game chat. Enjoy but be kind to one another.


STORY POINTS are earned by explaining your in-character actions. You earn a point for every ability, skill, and equipment that you use when posting your characters actions in response to the situation. 10 Story points equal 1 LIFE MARKER. Every mission begins with 5 Life

• Whether trying to catch a fleeing witness, shooting a target at considerable distance, or leaping from one building to another, there is always a chance of failure or success just as in real life. While reading you will be presented with options. Before making your choice, you earn Story Points by posting which option you will take, how you will move forwards with the action, and how many life markers you are prepared to wager on the outcome.

• Life Markers are wagered prior to making your choice. Agents can wager up to three markers on the success of their desired action. If the action fails, the markers wagered are lost and the action fails. Consequences and an opportunity to regain a marker will be presented.

$HADE: A purely digital currency named for it’s origin in the espionage field, $hade is completely untraceable and universally accepted. Each life marker is equivalent to 1 $hade. 1 $hade is worth $100,000. At the conclusion of the game, every Life Marker beyond the 5 Agent’s started with can be added to the players total $hade. A loss of life markers (4 or less) means a subtraction of $hade from the total. No penalty is applied if the Agent doesn’t have the $hade to cover the loss.

FACTION: Plato Continuum represents a more nihilistic ruthlessness and seeks control through wealth and intimidation. Ellium prefer working within established systems, manipulating situations through political influence. Neither side would willingly work with one another; however, missions may require characters to go undercover working secretly towards their own goals.

• Ellium and Plato Continuum Agents have access to $250,000 for use as they see fit.

• $hade is kept separate from the faction funds as these are personal funds. Personal funds ($hade) begins at zero for new characters and with enough successive losses, personal funds can return to zero as well.


A lot will be asked of you during your missions. Your stamina, strength of will and even your sense of self may be challenged as you work to solve missions and explore the world of Entropy. In addition to your Faction and Evolution, personality traits will play vital roles in your decision making and more. By taking notes and even sharing your bio with your fellow faction, a richer experience awaits.

• PERSONALITY – POSSITIVE CORE TRAITS: Round out your character by choosing three positive Traits. These Traits will help you in your decisions and how you deal with your fellow agents.

• PERSONALITY – NEGATIVE CORE TRAITS: Three negative traits will be selected next. While sometimes at odds with the positive traits, a character’s emotional situation may be a deciding factor.

• PERSONALITY – PRIMARY MOTIVATORS: While an overall mission awaits, each individual is still driven by their own needs and desires. A character may be on a private mission, or in need of a fix, either way; their needs must be met to find happiness and success.

• SOMETHING YOU WANT: While your life or even your mission may not depend on achieving this goal, your satisfaction and achievement will be greatly increased should you obtain what you want. This can be personal achievement in a specific field, to break free of addiction, to propose to the person you love, or to get revenge.

• SOMETHING YOU FEAR: We all have fears, from the generic fear of failure to the fear of being restrained against our will. In the situation you find yourself in, facing the mission at hand, what do you fear?


You have been given all the tools needed to start your journey and confront the dark and twisted path that lies before you. It’s time to take charge of your life.

1. Take the AGENT ASSESSMENT and discover which evolution and faction you most closely match.

2. Create an account on the Forum with a username you will be proud to be known by as you maneuver between the machinations of your fellow agents.

3. Introduce yourself to your faction - Ellium or Plato Continuum - You will be greeted warmly and any questions you may have likely will be answered here.

4. Begin with a Contract on the forum to test the waters or jump right in with a Mission Briefing.

5. Enjoy Entropy: Lost Reality, the free downloadable PDF that serves to introduce you to just some of the horrors that await!