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[Sticky] C: Smuggler needed – no questions asked  

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Every mission begins with 5 Life Markers which are wagered against choices, a maximum of three wagered per action. Story Points are earned by using in-character details like using your skills, abilities, and equipment in your post prior to selecting your action. 10 Story Points equal 1 Life Marker.

Part 1: Smuggler needed – no questions asked.

Wanting to earn some extra $hade, you turn to the dark web looking for some freelance contracts. Some cross lines you promised yourself long ago you would never cross and others simply are not worth the trouble but then a smuggling job catches your attention. By the user handle you can tell the client is Terica Madi, a soft spoken smuggler that usually trades in data and has been known to subcontract out her jobs when swamped. You’ve never worked with her directly so this presents an opportunity to also make a contact for the future.

 The younger woman is obviously uneasy with this in-person meeting, usually preferring the anonymity of online. You meet at a place of her choosing, a worn down warehouse out by the docks, a stereotypical meeting place if ever there was one, still, the cool breezy is a welcome sensation. Your years of training and experience tells you the meet is on the up-and-up, though you did scope out the area ahead of time anyway, just in case.  The lanky man to the side of Terica certainly isn’t a body guard, that much you’re immediately certain of. Squirrely with the muscle tone of a rubber band, the man looks like he’s never spent a day outside a cubical in his life.

Terica greets you hesitantly but with a smile. “Thank you for meeting me out here and on short notice. I have a delicate package that needs to be across the border in Mexico as soon as possible.”

“How hot is the package?” You ask, knowing there’s always a catch.

“It’s data, experimental research taken from a private lab funded by DARPA. That’s all I can tell you about the data its self.”

“Ok, that’s doable. So does Gumby here have the info?” Your snide remark triggering a brief flash of anger followed by immediate withdrawal as the man feels your eyes sizing him up.

“The name’s Lars, and I’m the package.” Lars volunteers with a smirk.

“What is this Terica, you never mentioned a passenger, that’s not how this works.”

Lars interjects at this, saying “While Terica didn’t get into the specifics, she was telling the truth. The data is in my bio-drive.”

The revelation does make this a more interesting job. Bio-drives, surgically implanted near the base of the skull can serve as memory backups and more, but most commonly they’re used by professional corporate raiders, hacking into on-site data storage and selling the info to the highest bidder, a dangerous yet highly profitable profession.

“This complicates things Terica, I’m not sure I want this kind of heat.”

“I get it, I do, but how does 0ne Million in $hade sound? Will that cover the heat?

Accept the job |???|Pass on the job

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I accept the job, it seems easy enough and the money is good. +1 story point