As Ted finished off his first energy drink, he examined the insert for the VR system, which included a list of included games. Ted read through the categories as he began to feel a strange scratching sensation on his leg. Glancing down he saw a fairly average house spider creep it’s way northerly at a casual pace. The startled man swiped at the creature with a ferocity typically reserved for life and death situations. Savagely defeated, the mangled corpse lay on the floor in a small pool of its bodily fluids as Ted looked on heroically. Granted this latest conquest was not likely to be shared with the group, it did however spark his interest in one category. Under the genre of horror was the game “Lost Reality” and it promised the gamer would be ‘plunged into the depths of insanity and beyond,’ typical sales hyperbole of course, but it was as good a place as any to start.