News agencies across the state reported on the mysterious slayings believed to be part of some ritualistic cult devoted to, or influenced by, video game violence. The 5 friends reportedly went on homicidal rampages in their respective homes and communities, murdering children, family members, strangers, all indiscriminately. The madness that gripped them would remain a mystery, but the bloody swath of death and mutilation they left behind would leave a lasting scar for decades to come. The brief infamy the VR headsets earned for their association with the murders was short lived and only served to peak interest and spur on sales. Authorities could find no connection and only could surmise whatever games the group had played were unconnected to the murders that followed.

That Christmas, a new version of the VR system went on sale. Perfect for any child, ages 10 and up, the system contained educational as well as entertainment games and so much more. Every child wanted one, resulting in record sales and profits for the company, as every child was nothing short of amazed.

For a time.