The creature laughed with a bone-chilling cackle that caused Ted to nearly vomit in fear. “Ted, Ted, Ted. I offered you a truly terrifying experience and you accepted. I take it the experience measured up to your expectations?”

Ted sat there, confused, terrified, drained. “Was any of it real?”

As ted spoke, sounds could be heard from the hall. Wails and cries of unimaginable horror, inching closer to Ted’s apartment.

“Oh, this was all very, very real. In fact, you have but moments to live. You hear them, don’t you?”

Ted inched to his feet, cleaver outstretched, keeping the strange being at arm’s length. “What are you?” Ted cried out in rage.

“Something far older and more powerful then you could ever imagine. You may call me the Yellow King, if you like.“ As the creature spoke, he grew in stature, eyes flame-red.