Ted had little intention of waiting for a third creature to attack, now thinking only of escape, he knew he would have to return to his room. Keys for his car hung just within the entryway, meaning no matter the horror that awaited him he would still be within inches of his keys and the impending safety they represented. As Ted cautiously peered into the hall, another strange sound caused terror to creep up his spine. At the end of the hall stood a smaller creature then the one that had attacked Ted, but no less terrifying. Ted did his best to ignore the creatures wail as he raced up the stairs back to his room.

Ted attempted to reach his arm through the tiniest crack in the door to find his keys without actually having entered his apartment, but failed miserably. An icy cold appendage gripped Ted’s arm with impossible strength, pulling him into the apartment and slamming him into the adjacent wall. Ted was nearly overcome with terror as the receptionist, now dressed more formally yet still in that sickly yellow color, stepped from the shadows. His face misshaped, the being hunched over Ted, ginning in its deformed way. Ted trembled in fear, tears streaming down his face. All he could manage was a whimper. “What do you want?”