Ted ran furiously down the flight of stairs to the Super’s apartment. As Ted was about to pound on the door, Ted noticed a sticky, orange substance running the up the length of the door toward it’s handle. Ted further noticed the door was actually slightly ajar, but no light came from within. Ted gently pushed open the door, calling out to the middle aged man in a hushed tone. As Ted journeyed further within the apartment, he raised his voice slightly, hoping to not catch the man off-guard. From the kitchen Ted heard a slopping sound, as if a wet bag was heaved upon the table. Making his way in the dark to the room, Ted couldn’t help but notice the knife rack on the counter, his fight or flight reflex screaming to be heard.

Ted discovered the source of the sound and instantly reached for the cleaver to his left. The superintendent, a jovial man in his late 50’s, someone that typically wore a warm, welcoming smile, now resembled death its self. Transforming between man and creature, what stood before Ted trembling was unrecognizable. Hideous beyond words, the creature lunged at Ted, screeching as it did. Ted made a weak hacking motion with the cleaver, severing one of the beast’s appendages. Enraged, the creature howled as it reared back, preparing to attack once more. Ted seized his moment of pure adrenaline and slammed into the creature, knocking it off balance. Hacking again and again at the monstrosity, Ted flung gore to all ends of the kitchen, saturating the room with this monstrosities’ green fluids. Only when some splashed across Teds visor did he snap back and regain his composure. Ted pivoted to his side as another loud screech came from the doorway. Another creature ran towards Ted, arms outstretched, intending to tackle Ted but the creature had misjudged its lunge. Ted easily maneuvered out of the way, bringing down the cleaver on the creature’s neck, nearly severing its head from body.