Ted and Maria stopped, hiding around a corner and shrouded in dark. “So where are the others?” As Ted spoke, the paused Harris avatar floated up, hovering in the darkness and standing less than a foot tall.

“Ok, that’s both creepy and cool.” As Ted spoke, the Harris avatar began to grow in size as it solidified. Ted and Maria were about to urge silence when Harris shrieked in a blood-curdling scream. Panic and agony blazed across his face as virtual blood began to trickle down his mouth.

“My mom, I can’t believe she…” With that, the Harris avatar blinked out of existence. Ted and Maria looked at one another, lost for words to explain what had just happened. Maria was the first to speak.
“Ah, Pause. Guy in yellow, what just happened? Where is everyone?” Maria asked to the heavens, awaiting some reply.

The bodiless voice of the receptionist responded in a calming tone. “Player connections have been interrupted. Players will be able to rejoin if they are able.”

Ted looked nervously at Maria. “I think I should call Harris, that was just weird.”

Maria nodded in agreement. “I’ll text John and Earnst, see whats holding them up.”