INTRODUCTION: Once the mission is explained, Agents should take time to explore their surroundings and discuss their Emotional Ties if given in advance. Characters may be surprised, suspicious, or eager for the mission at hand. Primary motivators should be discussed and considered in regards to the mission. If playing with multiple players, can you help one another to achieve a goal? Because of a past betrayal, will you do anything in your power to keep someone from what they need or want?

Able to accommodate 1 or more agents, many scenarios contain action and adventure, where you must fight to survive against impossible odds, pitting your skills, training and abilities against unimaginable horrors running amok. You’ve survived horrors before and are confident in your skills, but no matter what you may have experiences before, every mission presents their own mysteries and dangers. Question everything, explore all possibilities, and think creatively to survive.

CHARACTER CREATION: Working with the Overseer, create your character, building from the experiences, skills, and abilities found in the main Character Creation section. You are dropped into an unknown situation and equipment may be ineffectual or vitally important, you’ll only know when the game starts, so make your choices carefully. EMOTIONAL TIE/CONTACTS will be filled in later by the Overseer as the game progresses. PERSONALITY – PRIMARY MOTIVATOR may or may not play a vital role, but will help in how your character reacts to certain situations.

POINTS OF INTEREST: There are many pieces of information to be unlocked through interrogation, research, hacking, and many other avenues. It’ll be up to you as an Agent to pick up on the details the Overseer mentions and stating your skill, equipment, or ability, seek answers. No rolling will be required; information will be given out freely should you think to ask. While action will be plentiful, there is the overriding mystery of within every mission that you will need to discover in order to escape alive!

CHANCE ENCOUNTERS: The only die required are two simple D6, though any dice can be used. Situations of chance – hitting a target with a gun or ability, catching a fleeing target, or using specialized skills will require rolling above a 5 typically (the overseer sets the difficulty of the task, depending on the situation). Anything using your standard skills or standard equipment to achieve a goal should be easily attainable and require no roll as these are skills and equipment you’ve been utilizing for years. Your agent is accomplished and good at their job so be brave and use your training freely.


  • Ask questions, explore situations, and use the skills and abilities you have in creative ways.
  • Stay in character as best you can, focused on the mission and the details the Overseer states.
  • Check anything and everything for useful items or pieces of information, leave no stone unturned.
  • Refer to your character sheet often, it lists all you have and much of who you are. It should serve well to inspire the questions and creative actions your character needs to take to successfully survive!