VILLIAN: The mastermind behind the nefarious plot agents find themselves thrust into.

  • Dr.  Elizabeth Sutton, mad cyberneticist seeking to create the perfect blend of cybernetics and humanity, ostensibly to create an evolved human capable of defending Earth from the ancient evil she knows lurks in the darkness between worlds.


  • ALLY: Genetically altered cougar
    MOTIVATION: Obeying your commands as the first person it imprinted on.
  • SOURCE: Scientist/researcher Dr. Spellman
    MOTIVATION: To not get killed
  • RIVAL: Agent Bishop Kingsley
    MOTIVATION: Driven by a childish-grudge, their goal is to be the best at everything.
  • ENEMY: Abigail Friend, CODE NAME: Cinder
    MOTIVATION: Means to an end, will work to stop Sutton.

THREATS: Loyal to the Plato Continuum, these are the enemy’s an agent is likely to encounter during their mission:

  • Elite Plato Continuum guards and the head of security Abigail Friend/Cinder. Working behind Dr.  Sutton’s back to ensure the Plato Continuum gets a constant source of new, cutting edge weapons and that the doctor’s loyalty to the Continuum remains unwavering, security guards answer only to Cinder.
  • Cybernetic animals, humans, and undead variations.  Weaponry can be as varied as you can imagine but ammo in cases of projectiles would be limited.
  • Animal/human/cyborg/G.M.H. blended Creatures.
  • Scientists and support staff, loyal to the Plato Continuum.

OVERALL SET-UP: The Gauntlet is an underground research facility designed to take in animals, humans, and Unborn to reprocess them into weapons of mass destruction.  The Gauntlet process begins on the lowest level, sub level 4, where genetic augmentation and base level nano-tech are initiated.  For containment purposes as well as how the processing of bodies work, access to other levels alternate location, from one end on level 4 to the opposite end on level 3 and so on, forcing every level to be explored in the same progression as the subjects are moved along, through the augmentation process.