The large simian urges the agents on, through a doorway up ahead that already has begun to open. The smart avenue after everything you just saw is to play along. Standing in the middle of a high tech lab, Dr. Sutton drips with arrogance and eccentricity. A quick scan of the room offers several doors, but mostly monitors and a few curious pieces of lab equipment, a stack of thumb drives and files, but nothing of specific value to aid in the current situation.

Dr. Sutton holds in her palm a large syringe, but you notice it’s not in a threatening way. The strange liquid shimmers a dim purple color in the light. Dr. Sutton turns from you and greets her gorilla friend with genuine concern when she sees the full extent of damage caused by Cinders blasts. You watch the display, looking for any opportunity to strike when Dr. Sutton does the unthinkable and hands over the cure. Using your years of training you look for any hint of deceit in her body language, but find nothing – she is quite genuine that this syringe does in fact contain the cure. Faced with death from whatever courses through your veins or the possibility of a cure with the injection, you decide to chance it and inject the serum. Within moments you begin feeing its effects, removing any lingering pain first at the injection sight then radiating outwards.

NOTE: Give an opportunity for the Agents to question her motives and goals. Maybe Dr. Sutton plays with the agent’s a little, leading them to think it really was a trap, but in fact she has a proposal to make.

  • Dr. Sutton comes clean and reveals the reason all of this was necessary.

“Years ago I was touched by something otherworldly. Believe me or not, but I saw a great darkness, something all-consuming that will threaten all life. I knew in my bones I was given this knowledge and more to create a defense. The work I’ve done; the sacrifices I’ve made have been with purpose. “

You know from your briefings that, while not much was declassified about Dr. Sutton’s first mission, it’s become a thing of great mystery and rumor. After some accident, her eccentricity grew, but so did her gift with cybernetics. Between her and her then-partner Dr. Armaghast, an entire revolution in cybernetics had taken place. These two people alone were responsible for the largest breakthroughs, leaping our understanding and technological know-how in cybernetics by decades, if not by centuries.

“It’s time for my departure. This entire facility is set to implode just moments from now ensuring I gain a significant lead on the Continuum and whatever hounds they send after me for this, but that being said, your investigation into my dealings proves I can’t continue doing what needs to be done and cover my tracks at the same time. You’ve seen the work done here, both revolutionary and horrifying. Imagine what good can be done with better refinement and no directives from clandestine groups? You could help me to achieve these goals and your reward would be the very cutting edge of genetic and cybernetic breakthroughs, all at your fingertips. None of us are angels, we’ve all served the whims of our masters and done terrible things in the name of greater ideals. Why not stand up for your own ideals? With my help, you’ll have to power to accomplish anything. Join me or stay, I make no threats. The choice is yours!”

NOTE: Agents are presented with the choices, possible finales involve

  • Join: Dr. Sutton takes you with, offering power both physically and financially. There’s a chance you’ll wind up dissected on a table someday, but the trip will be exciting. Gain an extra ability for the next time you play.
  • Fight: declining the offer, Dr. Sutton expresses her regret as it becomes apparent this is just a hologram. Agents hear an alarm signal that the facilities self-destruct is activated. Dr. Sutton commands her gorilla to finish the agents, and it eagerly bellows its rage. A stand-up confrontation will end in disaster. Agents should flee for open spaces immediately but if given the opportunity, may steal anything from the table, from technology to thumb drives. Explosions can be heard and felt vibrating up through the structure as the gorilla gives chase. Agents should do their best in a fight, but ultimately the floor gives way, sending the primate to its doom.

Agents find the final stairway in the hall, leading to the surface. Ground level: Pinnacle Parking – Everything above ground resembles a simple parking garage with any employees being secret agents of the Plato Continuum, under cover as parking attendants. Plato Continuum agents in plain clothes attempt to stop the escape but are no match for seasoned agents. Agents with extra data or scavenged tech gain a new specialized skill the next time they play.