• Innocent people may be discovered, typically engulfed in pain and hoping to be put out of their misery.
  • All sub level three staff (and security guards on any level) are aware of stabilizers and where to get them. Security guards sent to recapture the loose subjects will have stabilizers.
  • Every free test subject is as much a threat to the agents as they are to all facility staff.

The elevator rises a single level with ease; the emergency lighting creating an eerie red glow that only adds to the suffocating feeling the enclosed space forces upon its occupants. Dr. Spellman seems apprehensive as the elevator reaches sub level 3. Spellman only mumbles under his breath as the door opens and volunteers nothing else.
‘I hate this level’

NOTE: If pressed, Dr. Spellman can reveal generic details of what he’s observed. He can also answer why there is no straight shot to the surface, that the alternating of the elevators is a part of the containment procedures. If necessary, individual levels can be incinerated while keeping adjacent levels unharmed. If pressed about the contents of sub level three, Dr. Spellman only responds with ‘it’s best if you see for yourself’.”

Entering level three, the coppery stench of blood permeates the air. The hairs on the back of everyone’s arm rise as a foreboding sense of dread crushes inward. Death hangs in the air along with muffled sounds of suffering heard far off in the distance. The long corridor you enter branches off frequently, with many computer labs partitioned by glass and steel while other more ominous rooms remain completely obscured by windowless doors and a simple placard stating the words ‘Operating Theater’ and a number. The nearest of the operating theaters lays bare for all to see, however. The door has been torn from its hinges, no small feat considering the reinforcement these doors have. Blood and a variety of tissue and limbs can be seen from the hall, almost decorating the operating theater’s walls. A trail of gore clearly leads from the room, down the hall as if a wild animal had dragged off its kill to devour in private. As the lights continue to flicker, other bodies can be seen scattered throughout the various glass partitioned rooms. Limbs torn from bloody stumps were used to write a mix of gibberish and profanity on one wall while other labs appeared to be untouched.

NOTE: Agents should be allowed to explore, seeking ideally to learn more from the few working computer terminals on this level. If no one makes the suggestion, Agent Kingsley should make the suggestion.

Agent Kingsley prowls the lab, casually observing various papers and doors as the cougar maintains a watchful eye on the room. No one even notices Dr. Spellman practically shaking as his eyes dart from one end of the room to the other. As he speaks you can hear the barely held in check panic as it threatens to burst free and overtake him.

NOTE: Dr. Spellman has the following knowledge about this level:

  • This department had been focusing on reanimating animals and deceased humans with cybernetic augmentation and weaponry.
  • The primary goal of this level is to utilize the storage capacity and learned behavior of the deceased to create limitless specialized weapons that are ultimately disposable drones.

NOTE: Other Agents should explore and find that many organic components, weapons and cybernetic limbs are stored in various rooms as well as several more surgical theaters for the dismemberment and processing of organic limbs. The lights continue to flicker as power is only partially regained on this level.

While distracted by the information being gleaned from the various files, Agent Kingsley brushes up against a panel along the wall. A sealed room is revealed and Agent Kingsley falls to the ground as a horde of undead, cybernetically altered monstrosities fall upon him. Kingsley has little time to react as the merciless machines dispatch the trained agent with ease, rending him limb from limb. As more of the undead weapons file into the main room, your only hope is to defend yourselves while trying to protect Dr. Spellman and escape.

SCENE CHANGE: Eventually, after encountering numerous horrors, the agents make their way to the rear exit. The elevator opens and security emerge, weapons hot and targeting anything that’s moving, including staff that may have been infected. Agent’s will have to defend themselves immediately, with any number of new monstrosities joining in and attacking indiscriminately. Eventually a single guard, wounded, unarmed, but still alive begs the agents boarding the elevator to take him with them. If altruism or curiosity isn’t enough, he offers up a stabilizer, asking first if they’ve been feeling sick.  He has information to give.