• Agents that awaken in sub level 4 to begin the episode are considered enemy agents, rogue agents of the Plato Continuum, or similar. Other subjects contained in this level include numerous animals, homeless people, and refrigerated corpses.
  • Obvious exits include a freight elevator, a personal elevator and an emergency stair well, all of which are located on the other side of a sealed metal door requiring a palm print as well as a pass key card.
  • Any equipment removed from the agents while in hibernation should be easily accessible in a storage room.  Agents and potentially other reanimated prisoners are freed after a computer virus invades the system, wreaking havoc on the entire complex.
  • Agents should have memory loss that they believe is due to the suspended animation process. They retain all training and relevant knowledge up to the point just before capture.
  • Treat every paragraph as an opportunity to let agents come to their own conclusions when possible.

 Agents awake, drenched in a fluid thicker than water and neon blue. Memory is fleeting as all senses become a torrent of input from everything around you. Even the slight breeze from the air recycling unit feels like pin pricks against your exposed flesh. The fluid surrounding you is being drained out of the slender tube that encases you, splashing to the floor below. Eventually, you find yourself forcefully ejected from the cylinder slamming against the cold steel grate supporting several cryogenic containers. As you slowly regain the ability to breathe oxygen once more, trained agents assess the situation; It’s time to put years of training to work.

The large room has no overhead lighting outside a couple emergency red lights in opposite ends of the room.  The room is filled with a variety of equipment, most of which is unrecognizable. Clothed only in underwear, the priority is clear, you must find clothing and weaponry if you have any hope of escape. Scanning the room, you realize there are 30-40 cryogenic tubes, tilted at a 45-degree angle just as your own had been.  Most of the tubes contain the same blue liquid that completely covers the various subjects within, while also casting dim light around the room. Some of the tube occupants are animal and the rest are fellow men and women. Along the far wall are shelving units reminiscent of a morgue.  The one or two that are open show a sliding table confirming the wall functions as a refrigerator unit for deceased subjects. At the opposite end is a sealed room, locked with what appears to be a generic pass key-card lock that any competent agents could circumvent with ease.

NOTE: Breathing room – allow Agents to ask questions and learn of their memory loss which extends from just before the moment of capture to the moment they woke up.

As everyone steady’s themselves, another tube begins humming as it returns to a vertical position. Opening suddenly, the neon blue liquid ejects violently, further soaking the floor as a lone body tumbles out, slamming against the floor with a loud thud.

NOTE: Will Agents help? Run away? Hide? When revealed as a Cougar, all agents in the game make eye contact and “bond” with the cat.


What appeared at first as possibly a man is revealed to be a large, tawny to grayish cougar. Cybernetic attachments seem to protrude around its head and spine as it steadies itself, growling a deep throaty warning to any potential threats around. Suddenly, the agitated feline makes direct eye contact. The air goes completely still as silence grips the entire chamber. As quickly as the cat took notice of you, it now stands up straight, purring and cleaning its self, seemingly at ease.

Before any words can be spoken, another loud hiss and the sound of water splashing to the floor below can be heard near one of the large doors on the far wall. Three more tubes open, spewing their contents as violently as before. All three of the occupants are clearly human this time, however two appear to be deceased. One corpse has a large gash along its side while the other clearly suffered severe burns and tissue damage. The third body however begins to recover.

Standing before the agents is a man you recognize from past mission reports. A mercenary known to have worked for just about every agency including the Ellium and Plato Continuum, Agent Bishop Kingsley is considered quite skilled and very dangerous. Standing 5’11”, the Hispanic man sports high and tight black hair style and what appears to be a two-day stubble for a beard. Angry and confused, the mercenary turns abruptly toward the agents, examining the situations and planning to defend himself if necessary.

NOTE: Confused conversation should take place, any questions asked of Agent Bishop Kingsley should be met with hesitancy on his part and a desire to appear he has control even if he knows nothing of the situation. If no one thinks to ask or investigate the locked door off to the side, Agent Bishop Kingsley should mention a desire to get into warm clothes and have a gun in his hand. Remind agents of the large door they stand next to.

The locked room contains all sorts of items taken from the various subjects locked up. lighting is absent but the glow from the various storage units makes it relatively easy to look around. The only thing agents know for sure, however, is that they’re in a Plato Continuum facility, based on the emblem etched into the wall opposite them. Individuals equipment and clothing can be found, organized by the I.D. number found on the tube.

NOTE: Time can be given for more questions or exploration before…

As Agent Kingsley carefully examines his firearm, he begins coughing loudly. A thick, greenish phlegm splatters along the floor. Kingsley looks down in concern.

NOTE: Kingsley might drop some choice expletives at this point.

Eventually everyone has a similar coughing fit except the cougar. The large cat cautiously examines the phlegm, pulling its nose up abruptly as it growls. Clearly the heightened feline senses can tell something isn’t right here and this phlegm represents more than residue from the cryo-tubes they just escaped from. Years of experience and natural instinct tell the agents they’ve been poisoned and time is of the essence. It’s time to figure out where you are and how to get free.

Looking around the large room, the main entrance can be spotted behind several rows of the strange tubes. The glow of the tubes illuminates the large steel door, wide enough for small vehicles to move trough. Along the side of the door you notice a small room, dark but with glass windows, likely a check point for those entering or leaving.

NOTE: Agents are already infected with the nano-tech virus looking to prepare their bodies for the conversion process. The injection is causing painful spasms throughout their body.  Computer terminals, tablets, and clip boards contain examples and details of the experiments and on what level they occur. Be as descriptive and grotesque as you can imagine when detailing these abominations.

Agents either choose to explore the room off to the side of the main door or Agent Kingsley suggests they search there, moving his way over to open the door.

A loud crash shocks everyone as an aggravated chimpanzee bursts from the darkened office, obviously startled. Clearly another escapee from the cryo-tubes, the monkey wastes no time making for some dark corner in the expansive room. As the monkey breaks for solitude, the cougar, who has stayed by your side unwaveringly, begins to growl into the small office. A grown of pain reveals a person laying near-unconscious, barely in motion as his senses creep back into focus. Kingsley has a chilling glee in his eye.

‘It’s time for answers’

NOTE: Introduce Dr. Spellman, a coward and classic bookworm in all ways.

  • While never achieving much academically, his parent’s connection to the Plato Continuum granted the meager scientist at least the opportunity to contribute to his profession.
  • Having no real loyalty to the Plato Continuum, Dr. Spellman would eagerly side with anyone that could get him out of the Gauntlet facility alive.
  • Dr. Spellman Can access doors with his pass-key and palm for more secure rooms.
    • Agent hacking skills can gain more knowledge from the computers then Dr. Spellman can provide.
  • Dr. Spellman’s focus was on animal research, specifically using cybernetics to create a bond between animals and human as well as prepping the animals for further augmentation later. The cougars premature release from stasis caused a premature bond to those it first laid eyes on.
  • Dr. Spellman has no idea what’s happening to the power, who these agents are, or any other real details other than the name of the facility (Gauntlet), the number of levels (4 sub levels), and that their current position is the lowest level.

SCENE CHANGE: With Dr. Spellman’s help, Agents and cougar can access the next level.