• A third (or whichever injection this is) returns the last memories, and can be used to fill in any details an agent might be missing.

Focused on staffing, barracks, and vast computer labs for the primary theoretical research, sub level 1 seems like standard office space but as the last level before freedom, defenses are powerful, automated, and hidden.  Years in service to secret agencies and other governmental buildings tells you this is where anyone in charge would be located and they’ll likely have access to numerous escape routes and vehicles. As you move through the offices slowly, you feel more effects of the virus running through your system and for the sake of expediency, Cinder obliges. Cinder offers the stabilizer freely, knowing she will need help against whatever Dr. Sutton has set up. With this last dose, the last of the missing memories are returned.

You remember in a wave of nausea the missing pieces that led up to your capture. You remember you were asked to look into the validity of the claims made against Dr. Suttons and the potential of her fleeing to some other organization. Questioning old friends and former acquaintances give you little to go on, but apparently you made headway without realizing it. Dr. Sutton had become aware of your interest and reached out to you directly. Dr. Sutton had arranged a meeting with you to discuss a new technology she wanted to offer in trade for shelter and research privileges, but when you showed up you were attacked and subdued. Clearly, she saw the perfect opportunity to not only use you to cover her tracks by releasing the techno virus but also test her latest weapon at the same time. Regaining a steady footing and now feeling more “whole” as all memories have returned, you and Cinder are prepared to move against Dr. Sutton.

NOTE: The floor is set up with any number of death traps and automated security system you’ve already seen in movies. Training and Cinder’s knowledge make navigating the maze doable, though slow moving. Sutton, watching from security monitors likely begins taunting everyone.

Suddenly a large gorilla, sheathed in armor plating slams through the opposite wall and into Cinder. As flames engulf the gorilla, the cougar jumps for the simians’ throat, attempting to rip it out. Gripping both ends of the cougar, the cybernetic ape rips the poor animal in two, spraying the area with crimson gore. A gleeful, murderous expression belying an intelligence far beyond what it should possess crosses the gorillas face. Just then Cinder blasts the beast once more. The primate roars in rage, rearing back in front of Cinder, as it lifts its mighty fists. Rage-fueled fists slam into Cinder brutally. The blow would have killed any normal person but Cinder is Unborn and her energy manipulation comes with a benefit. When faced with death, her ability reacts involuntarily, acting on pure instinct and reducing Cinder’s body to a pure energy state. Fading from sight, she won’t reform for hours and only where her energy drifted. The gorilla now turns its attention to you with the same gleeful expression.

NOTE: Agents can fight but this weapon is state of the art. Shielding and augmentation means agents tire and before the gorilla can deliver the killing blow, Dr. Suttons voice can be heard ordering the gorilla to stop.

While prepared to die fighting, your training and sense of self-preservation tell you it’s time to bide your time. If Dr. Sutton wants a face-to-face, how better to get your cure?

SCENE CHANGE: The Gorilla takes the agents into a private room where Dr. Sutton awaits.