Enter Entropy: Insurrection, a sci-fi horror adventure that can weave tales of espionage and political intrigue to genetic mutation, viral pandemics, and even long thought mythical monstrosities resurrected through science and other-worldly technologies.

Entropy: Insurrection is a game about action, creativity, and horror. Decades into our future exists an underworld of espionage, powerful Unborn, and even cybernetic killer gorillas. Faced with dangerous missions, Agents will struggle against the odds, sometimes fighting the good fight and often working from the shadows.

Missions can vary in scale from an hour of adventure to multiple layers of intrigue spanning days if one chooses. As few as 2 players can engage in a battle of wits and puzzle making or as many as 6 can join the excitement. Limits are few in this narrative based RPG, and all that’s required are two 6-sided die and a healthy imagination.

Welcome to the insurrection!