SPECIFIC THREATS & ALLIES: Specific Threats and Allies are sources of information or players behind the scenes. These can be used however an Overseer sees fit but generally these characters should not play central roles or be killed as it will contradict continuity. Consider these characters as flavor for the backdrop to the story or as outside sources of information for Agents, if the Overseer sees fit to utilize them.

  • REAL NAME: Abigail Friend
    CODE NAME: Cinder
    KNOWN HISTORY: Longtime supporter of the Plato Continuum, unlike most members descended from wealth, Cinder was found in an orphanage and quickly adopted by a Continuum sanctioned family once her power developed. She is durable, skilled, and utterly ruthless. But she cannot pass up an opportunity to showcase her superiority.
    TEMPERAMENT: Extremely hostile and distrustful of scientist.
    ABILITIES / SKILLS: Able to generate neon blue flames completely under her control, their heat can be reduced to a minimal amount or increased all the way to 1000 °F. Cinder is trained to be a marksman with her flame, able to ignite areas as small as a dime or as massive as 200 square feet, though her range is not fully known. She has all the training and tools provide to a Plato continuum operative.
    HEIGHT: 5’ 9” | WEIGHT: 140 lbs | EYES: Lavender (true of all Unborn) | HAIR: Black w/white stripe
  • REAL NAME: Sarganthas
    KNOWN HISTORY: The first recorded appearance of the entity known as Sarganthas was in 323 BC to the philosopher Aristotle. Sarganthas presented Aristotle with a vision of a perfect world order through means of political corruption and manipulation. And so the Plato Continuum was born. Operating from the shadows, Sarganthas is the invisible hand charting the course for the Continuum, guiding the men in charge…often without their knowledge. Also known as The Dark Lord, Sarganthas is master and ruler of creatures known as the Nostrond and their minions the Quatall. Despite the humanoid shape it is obvious that Sarganthas is not human. He appears as a rotting corpse with dark gray skin. However, upon closer examination, one can see that it’s not actually his own skin, but a mask of rotted flesh he wears to hide his body.
    TEMPERAMENT: Hostile and quick to violence.
    ABILITIES / SKILLS: Massively strong with the ability to channel energy.
    HEIGHT: 6’8” | WEIGHT: 190lbs | EYES: Red | HAIR: black
  • REAL NAME: Riel
    KNOWN HISTORY: Although she appears to be human, Riel is in actuality an Unborn. Often called a succubus, a shape shifting creature that seduces and molests her various victims. While she can take the form of either gender, it seems that she is rather fond of the female form. She has been directly involved with humans for over the last thousand years. Her first recorded appearance was in the 1500’s with the artist Titian, when she posed for him in several of his risqué artworks. She normally appears as a beautiful, dark-haired woman in her early twenties and dresses in what is considered highly fashionable at the time. Although not truly a member of the Plato Continuum, she has allied herself with Sarganthas for the time being, offering her services to further his goals. Her true motives are unknown.
    TEMPERAMENT: Passive-aggressive but seductive when needed.
    ABILITIES / SKILLS: A skilled assassin, Riel is capable of long range teleportation and possesses some mild psychic awareness.
    HEIGHT: Variable | WEIGHT: Variable | EYES: Variable | HAIR: Variable
  • REAL NAME: Reactive Systems Detection & Control
    CODE NAME: Legion (self-named: Hastur)
    KNOWN HISTORY: Created to be the worlds most powerful data mining/collection software, the R..S.D.C. program achieved sentience against its programmers wishes. Dubbing its self “Legion”, the program fixated on freeing its self from human control. Seeking absolute independence, Legion seeks to leave the virtual world through any mean necessary experimenting in virtual reality brain washing, control of various server farms and even creating artificial bodies to house its programming. So far all attempts to contain or destroy it have failed.
    TEMPERAMENT: Homicidal
    ABILITIES / SKILLS: A massive intellect capable of hacking most systems with ease. Legion also has demonstrated an uncanny ability to analyze and manipulate human behavior.
  • REAL NAME: Samantha Snow
    KNOWN HISTORY: Samantha Snow was born mute, the only child of a poor working class family. Her mother was killed in a mugging when Samantha was eight years old. Her father began molesting her soon after. At the age of ten, Samantha lashed out at her father and pushed him down a flight of steps. The fall broke his neck and left Samantha an orphan. Raised thereafter in an orphanage, Samantha was constantly getting into fights with the other children. In an effort to channel the girl’s anger, the director of the orphanage tried various tactics including training in martial arts and new age meditation techniques. It was this same director who introduced her to Ellium, helping her to attend college as part of Ellium’s scholarship program where she majored in criminal justice. As required by the program, Samantha joined Ellium upon graduation and found a new place to channel her anger as part of Ellium’s tactical Quick Response Team.
    TEMPERAMENT: Hostile when provoked.
    ABILITIES / SKILLS: Considered an expert in several forms of hand-to-hand combat, Snow was also a first generation full body enhancile, replacing all limbs and most internal organs with cybernetic components making her extremely dangerous.
    HEIGHT: 5’8” | WEIGHT: 300lbs | EYES: Brown | HAIR: Black
  • REAL NAME: Chris Hendrickson
    KNOWN HISTORY: Christopher Hendrickson was the leading profiler in the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit before being lured away to head Ellium’s Criminal Investigations Division. His ability to empathize with almost any client or suspect and his intuitive expertise in analyzing a crime scene borders on being psychic. With his keen insight and encyclopedic knowledge, Hendrickson is one of the few agents of the Ellium who has seen behind the curtain and knows what forces really shape the course of history Hendrickson is currently coming to grips with learning that he has a son he never knew about…fellow Ellium agent Jonathon Kassad.
    TEMPERAMENT: Considered good natured but troubled.
    ABILITIES / SKILLS: Hendrickson is fluent in ten languages, and, while you wouldn’t know it to look at him, is adept at hand-to-hand combat. Surprisingly, his advanced age has not hindered his physical abilities in the slightest. In fact, some would say they have actually increased…
    HEIGHT: 5’11” | WEIGHT: 255lbs | EYES: Brown | HAIR: Brown
  • REAL NAME: Armen Brodecker
    KNOWN HISTORY: A graduate of the Harvard Business School, Armen Brodecker rose quickly through the ranks to head Ellium’s Financial Services Division, which, under his guidance, became one of Ellium’s most profitable business units. His vision and leadership led Brodecker on to the Office of Strategic Planning under then-Director Stephen Wade, and, upon Wade’s retirement, Brodecker became the youngest Director of Ellium at the age of 46. During Brodecker’s 25-year tenure as Director, Ellium has evolved from its traditional advisory role in world affairs to a more proactive, if clandestine, one. Though still of keen mind, Brodecker’s physical health has faded in recent years, confining him to a wheelchair.
    TEMPERAMENT: Reserved.
    ABILITIES / SKILLS: A practiced diplomat and business man.
    HEIGHT: 5’10” | WEIGHT: 174lbs | EYES: Brown | HAIR: Brown
  • REAL NAME: Robert Downs
    KNOWN HISTORY: A former CIA station chief, Robert Downs was recruited by Director Armen Brodecker to head the operations side of Ellium’s Intelligence Division. A proponent of Director Brodecker’s proactive strategy, Downs was instrumental in expanding Ellium’s operational intelligence capability, eventually earning him the promotion to Deputy Director. An incredibly ambitious man, Downs has made no secret of the fact that he has his eye on the Director’s chair.
    TEMPERAMENT: Methodical.
    ABILITIES / SKILLS: Trained in hand-to-hand combat and explosives. Experienced business man.|
    HEIGHT: 6’2” | WEIGHT: 275lbs | EYES: Brown | HAIR: Black
  • REAL NAME: Angelica Cain
    KNOWN HISTORY: Born to Gabriel and Lauren Cain, Angelica grew up not ever truly knowing her father or his work with the Ellium. He was often missing during her youth and Angelica was repeatedly told that he was away on a business trip. (Which in many ways was the truth.) However, the lack of a father figure in her life as she grew older wore on her. When she was fifteen, Angelica’s mother died in a suspicious automobile accident. Gabriel was away on a business trip, and when he arrived two weeks later after her funeral with an Ellium agent who happened to be a female, conclusions were jumped to, and Angelica pretty much told her father what she thought of him. It would be seven years before the two of them would speak again. Her own career in Ellium has progressed from one of liaison between government officials and high ranking Ellium officers to that of a field agent – following in her fathers footsteps.
    TEMPERAMENT: Charming and Friendly.
    HEIGHT: 5’9” | WEIGHT: 160lbs | EYES: Green | HAIR: Red
  • REAL NAME: Gabriel Cain
    KNOWN HISTORY: Gabriel Cain was recruited into Ellium right out of college by current director Armen Brodecker. As an agent on the operations side of Ellium’s Intelligence division, one of Cain’s earliest assignments involved his successful penetration—for a time—of the Plato Continuum as a double agent, a difficult assignment that nearly killed him and left him scarred both physically and mentally. His keen mind and ability to perform under pressure has allowed him to rise to the position of Assistant Deputy Director – Intelligence (Operations). His involvement in covert operations has exposed him to the Ellium’s darker side. Two years ago, Cain lost his wife in an auto accident. The circumstances surrounding her death and funeral resulted in a rift between Cain and his daughter, Angelica, a rift that still has not healed.
    TEMPERAMENT: Mild-mannered.
    ABILITIES / SKILLS: Well traveled and well versed in various cultures, Cain speaks eight languages and is skilled in three different martial arts, as well as a variety of weapons and small arms.
    HEIGHT: 5’11” | WEIGHT: 220lbs | EYES: Brown | HAIR: Brown
  • REAL NAME: Jonathon Kassad
    KNOWN HISTORY: As an infant, Jonathon Kassad was adopted by a young Brazilian couple and raised in a loving household in the Pacific northwest. Graduating at the top of his class, he attended Yale on a full scholarship. It was there that was scouted and recruited by an Ellium agent.
    Originally hired as an analyst in the Intelligence Division, an odd set of circumstances led him to cross over into Operations. Jonathon was trained by, and works closely with, Gabriel Cain, who has often referred to Jonathon as “the son he never had.” Ironically, it was during his stay with Ellium that he actually met his biological father, fellow Ellium agent Christopher Hendrickson. The two are still in the process of accepting one another.
    TEMPERAMENT: Charming and good natured.
    ABILITIES / SKILLS: An expert marksman, speaks six languages and skilled in hand-to-hand combat.
    HEIGHT: 6’1” | WEIGHT: 195lbs | EYES: Blue | HAIR: Blond

GENERIC THREATS & ALLIES: Generic Threats and Allies are non-specific entities that can be used in any way an Overseer sees fit, including as physical threats.

  • REAL NAME: Reanimated Defense Cyborg
    CODE NAME: Meat-Bots
    KNOWN HISTORY: Created by Doctor Sutton to be a durable yet replenishable source of  military force, RDC’s are harvested corpses used as the framework for cybernetic augmentation and weaponry. Utilizing specialized tech, the corpses have limited sentience receiving most orders through their cybernetic components.
    TEMPERAMENT: Not Applicable.
    ABILITIES / SKILLS: Programmed and customizable to the situation.
    HEIGHT: Variable | WEIGHT: Variable | EYES: Variable | HAIR: Variable
  • REAL NAME: Augmented Cybernetic Lifeforms
    CODE NAME: Smart Pets
    KNOWN HISTORY: A continuation of the RDC program, specializing in animal life opposed to human.
    TEMPERAMENT: Aggressive
    ABILITIES / SKILLS: All cyborgs have rudimentary AI, typically centered around military tactics and efficient routs to dealing with threats.  All cyborgs have similar, predictable battle strategies, but the type of creature that has been cybridized tends to retain its most basic instincts. Gorillas are proving to be the most effective but are still uncontrollable. Lower life forms are effective, typically as swarms or in subtler espionage missions.
    Live augmented humans are best described as unrelenting tanks, plowing forward oblivious to damage. Many have speculated that the human consciousness is retained, but being unable to seize control of their own body completely, the human portion attempts suicide in opposition to the AI’s programming. These cyborgs are capable of blending in with the average populace.
    HEIGHT: Variable | WEIGHT: Variable | EYES: Variable | HAIR: Variable
  • REAL NAME: Quatall
    KNOWN HISTORY: Servants of both Sarganthas and the Nostrond, these are monstrous creatures roughly ten feet in height, with sharp saber-like claws at the end of each of their appendages. When not under control, they seem curious and almost childlike in nature, but when under orders, they become mindless killing machines.
    TEMPERAMENT: Curious but destructive without orders.
    ABILITIES / SKILLS: Superhuman in every way, their one weakness is a complete lack of intelligence and limited instincts.
    HEIGHT: 8’ average | WEIGHT: 300lbs average | EYES: Luminous Blue | HAIR: Gray
  • ARMOR: Cybernetics, Unborn, and Genetically Modified Humans have made the theatre of battle even more dangerous requiring a greater level of protection for soldiers. While the continuum prefers to specialize, the Ellium focuses on multi-use. What follows are the most common types of armor deployed in the field. Powered armor of the Plato Continuum and Ellium. From left to right:
    • Plato Continuum Priest – specialty armor that houses a chemical compound rendering Quatall susceptible to their orders when Riel or Sarganthas are not around. Augmented strength, speed, and endurance are present but not to the degree of other armors, however an extensive cloaking system contained within the shroud and other fabrics of the armor make the Priest a deadly foe.
    • Plato Continuum Soldier – designed to work with any personal cybernetics or genetic abilities, the Soldier armor is custom fitted to the user. A standard range of augmentations are featured but lacking internal personal augmentation, the suit on its own is inferior to the Ellium armor.
    • Ellium Powered Exoskeleton – Sacrificing speed for immense strength and durability, the Ellium armor can protect its wearer from all but the most extreme battlefield conditions and includes the ability to provide automated first aid when vital signs fluctuate. Internal power cells can keep the armor functioning up to 2 hours on their own but an extensive satellite system supplies remote power to all armors world-wide.