Rivals to the Ellium existed throughout history. Some, like the Plato Continuum, even dated back centuries before the creation of the Ellium. Powerful in influence, the Plato Continuum existed as a shadowy rival yet despite occasional violent opposition, the Ellium persisted and even evolved. By 2050 AD, the Ellium held the position as the world’s premier defense contractor and securities provider, specializing in advanced cybernetics and exotic weaponry. Ellium’s influence extended into consultancy on all levels of security down to assisting law enforcement in apprehending dangerous individuals. The protection of the innocent through dark times hearkened back to their original mandate as Templar Knights.

Like many before him, Chris Hendrickson was a true believer, both in the Ellium’s ability to guide society and to protect it. Both of those ends were not always complimentary. While working as a liaison to law enforcement, Chris was given wide latitude due to his unique and intuitive senses. He was often discovering secrets and hidden clues where no other agency or individual could, or did. The type of case closest to his heart were those involving children. Having been separated from his son Jonathan for years only served to motivate him more to bring justice to those facing injustice. His eventual reunion and subsequent experiences working with Jonathan gave him reason beyond duty. The case before him now, however, held special significance for the experienced agent. Chris worked on this case once before, only for it to end with devastating results.