“Templar, I know I’ve already asked a lot, but will you help us reach the relay station? Our chances would be infinitely better with you on our side.” Ahriman was earnest in his request. Legacy only considered it for a moment.

“Absolutely. Allowing this weapon to remain under Ellium control is a threat to all of us.”

Ahriman patted Legacy on the shoulder, nodding in approval. As the room cleared, a woman watched from a distance. Her hand shaking, she remained silent, watching as the Templar and the others prepared for their trip.

The travel time to the relay station wasn’t long. Legacy, Mac, and Alhana were accompanied by Uproar and a contingent of his men. The station was expected to be defended, but as it stood, the weapon was inoperable, meaning defenses were not as fortified as a standard military base. Uproar’s men flew personal hover-sleds, each equipped with enough firepower to take out the communications relay should they not be able to seize control.