The air was thick with the smell of blood, urine, and worse. The pattern was always the same – young, alone, easy prey. For some, it was all about the hunt, but for The Artist, it was all about the materials he worked with. The canvas of flesh was meant to be desecrated and with this mission in mind, a gallery of horror was to be made showcasing madness and sadism beyond compare.

The Artist’s work never reached completion, however. His arrogance led to the choosing of a victim with more publicity, the very detective that had been hunting him. Detective Jennifer Kale and her partner, Detective Munse however, made sure that no others would ever be violated by his hand.


Jennifer Kale was born into a world of law enforcement. The need for justice was buried deep within her soul as part of a long line of officers determined to bring order to their corner of the world. Although she had faced the ultimate violation years earlier, Jennifer rose above the trauma she suffered at the hands of the murderer the media a lifetime ago dubbed The Artist. It took months of therapy and rehabilitation to wear down the emotional scars her attack left behind, but the pain eventually did give way to great joy, celebrating the life of her son, Jacob.

Emotionally intuitive, Jacob Kale lived a mostly eccentric 12 years of life. Celebrating the more esoteric realms, Jacob was a staunch believer in the paranormal. Jennifer wasted many an hour trying to ground Jacob in the firm world of reality that she lived in but by now she realized it was a lost cause. Now, on Jacobs 13th birthday, Jennifer made what she considered the biggest mistake of her life, promising to take her son to a live studio taping with Jacob’s favorite “psychic” as the guest. When Jacob bartered his report card for the opportunity to attend the Fallen Michaels’ show, Jennifer thought straight A’s would be impossible – never underestimate a 12-year-old that’s motivated. For Jacob, there was no greater incentive than the once in a lifetime chance to meet Melinda White, the most esteemed psychic personality to grace the television, offering the future and a tale of a loved one for a price. Jacob’s mother was indeed willing to suffer for her beloved son – plus you only turn 13 once.