The cult of Unity preyed upon children as well as those of weak will. Their end goal never fully revealed to Chris as he tracked Unity’s silent movement through the suburbs and inner cities alike, snatching up the youth with only a few ever to be found. Those found were mutilated and displayed in ritualistic fashion by the cult. The bodies were branded with the Unity’s symbol of infinity, mocking those that sought to reunite the children with their loved ones. During the first investigation, Chris had organized a raid to end the cult once and for all. He brought his team to a setup, which would lead directly to the deaths of three agents and the extreme mutilation of agent Samantha Snow.

Snow approached Chris’s office only knowing that he had specifically requested her from the Ellium tactical unit. Since the explosion that injured her, the contact between them had been minimal, at best. Mute since birth, Snow was rarely social before the incident. With the horrific surgeries performed upon her after the disastrous end of the raid, her disposition did not change towards more sociability. Chris greeted Snow awkwardly, but as warmly as he could, asking her to sit. Practiced in signing, Chris presented her with a folder, asking her for her impressions. What she saw were horrific crime scenes committed against several youths. Mutilation was evident upon the bodies, and the photos held nothing back. Chris studied Snow as she reviewed the files. His personal feelings of guilt over her scars made Chris painfully aware that not one grisly scene could stir emotions from Samantha. The procedures performed to save her life had been nearly as traumatic as the explosion. She was left emotionally scarred. Since then, acting Director Downs had capitalized on Snow’s hardened shell, her callousness, utilizing her for extreme sanctions. This was one more reason Chris supported the Templar movement.

However stoic, with the last photo Snow did give an immediate reaction. Her external calm and state of being without emotions cracked as she saw the brand of an infinity symbol on the neck of the last victim. Immediately resuming her emotional control and now knowing why Chris summoned her, she signed “where?” Chris couldn’t suppress his surprise, having expected any number of reactions save this one. This emotionless single-mindedness represented all of his guilt.