The Ellium functioned both as a military contractor as well as the premiere biomedical supplier to much of the modern world. Seemingly born from philanthropic foundations originating during the American Civil War, the Ellium’s true origin dates back much further, to the time of the Knights Templar, from the historical period of the Crusades. The decided purpose of the knightly order was to provide safe passage for travelers and pilgrims through the horrors of their world to their destinations. The service continued under the name Ellium after the Knights’ inglorious end, betrayed, as they were, by the French King in collusion with the Papal authority. The inheritor organization of the Ellium began working in secret when needed. The Ellium functioned more openly after the concept of corporations came about. The perfected predictive theory that the Ellium developed over centuries aided in their attempts to model entire societies according to their beliefs and desires. Always with the goal of creating peaceful stability and growth, these measures assisted in the founding of nations, but the Ellium was hardly the only institution seeking to control humanity’s destiny.