Inside the station, Defiant and Aurora approached the command center. Aurora was about to shut down the defense screen keeping Pax forces from entering the facility when she was struck with enormous pain. Defiant’s sword burned through her torso as she fell to the ground, barely able to whisper one question, “Why?”

Defiant gloated over her fallen form.

“It’s simple my dear, we were born to rule, and I was born to rule all. Armaghast was moving too slow with the advancements. The colonies threaten our place of power while leeching resources from us, never appreciative of our generosity. I will make Unity strong and they, in turn, will make me invincible. I only wish you hadn’t been in the way.”

Defiant moved to the control station. Deactivating the station’s coolant system, Defiant turned the station’s power source into an enormous bomb and Aurora was powerless to stop it.

“They’re all sheep Aurora, all of them. But if you so badly want to die for them, who am I to stand in your way.