The saga of Entropy is a generation struggle against the collapse of society, the betrayal of friendships and the rise of Lovecraftian horrors from beyond known space. What begins in the not-too-distant future quickly escalates with ramifications felt hundreds of years from now in a sci-fi opera that blends the horror of the Great Old Ones with technology so advanced it appears as magic.

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A secret society determined to save the world, whether we want them to or not.

Members of the organization known as Ellium have played a clandestine role in the building of societies dating back to the Knights Templar. Always playing the role of shepherd and not dictator, the Ellium’s motives have remained true to their roots until recently.  

Chris Hendrickson, lead investigator for the Ellium faces increasing proof that division from within is resulting in global turmoil and violent insurrection, manipulated through the many divisions of Ellium whose reach extends to nearly all first world nations and beyond.

With historic unrest and the looming threat of mass annihilation through biological warfare on the horizon, Chris must assemble a core group of trusted allies to stand against the coming storm as an ancient evil from the Ellium’s distant past is resurrected, calling into question humanities origin while threatening our very existence.

With lines drawn, a brave few will risk everything. But in fighting the horrors threatening our world, will they become the very thing they fear?

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The world we knew is no more. Virtually stripped of humanity, the crumbling shell of society struggles against mutation and death as the deadly Wormwood virus continues to lay waste to most life on Earth.

Hoping to stave off extinction, humanity sought out refuge among the stars. Forming colonies that thrived for a time, the resources needed to maintain their populations have dwindled and any hope of returning to Earth has been made impossible by the powerful Ellium – holders of the only cure to the Wormwood.

Faced with the ever looming threat of extinction, the lone group of peace keepers known as the Templars struggle to keep the embers of humanity from burning out, but time is not on their side. In the end, the only hope left to save humanity may be in the hands of a young girl named Alhana, but only if the Ellium doesn’t kill her first.

Humanity’s future has never looked so full of hope and promise, as a new age of enlightenment and cooperation unites the human race in peace and exploration. The Jupiter Rift, a tear in space and time, has gifted humanity with a glimpse of what lies far beyond our traditional reach. Spurred on by insatiable curiosity, humanity has tempted fate, peering beyond known space and in doing so, awakened a tremendously destructive force.

A new generation is thrust into warfare beyond human understanding as beings as old as time begin to awaken from millennia of sleep. Great Old One’s walk among us once more, destroying everything in their path. Madness infects all from one end of the cosmos to the other as more of the Elder Things begin their march across reality. With all forms of life facing extinction, can even a mysterious power from the distant past be enough to stem the tide of destruction?

“The Old Ones are waking once more…”

The Artist crafted his masterpiece throughout the city in flesh and blood of its residents. A work of art to rival the greats, and in doing so, please those that lurk beyond. Wanting to expand his “materials”, The Artist stalked Detective Jennifer Kale, turning hunter into prey – a decision that ultimately leads to his downfall.

Now over a decade later, Jennifer Kale and her child are thrust into an even more nightmarish world as The Artist returns triumphantly from beyond to complete his work and herald the return of his masters. In a world unprepared for the things that lurk beyond, can a hardened Detective unravel the secret of The Artist, or will the world be consumed in a tide of madness as the very walls of reality crumble around us?

Welcome to the Carnival!

A terrify tale of seduction, corruption, and murder for all whom enter the Carnival of their own free will! Face temptation and betrayal alongside these willing victims in glorious silent movie style; the only thing missing is the bone chilling music!