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By joining you will receive a link to Inside The Insurrection a guide to the hidden horrors of Entropy, a free download link for Tales Of Entropy: Lost Reality, and the Faction Assessment where you will choose your own path in the world of Entropy.

The World

The saga of Entropy is a generational
struggle against the collapse of society,
the betrayal of friendships and the rise
of Lovecraftian horrors from
beyond known space.

The Experience

Through Entropy Insurrection, you will
take part in experiencing and building the
foundation of Entropy in a series of online
prequels to the main series.

Entropy tells the main story in large chapters encapsulating the rise and fall of
Humanity over generations of time. Tales Of Entropy are self contained trips into
the darker corners of the universe. Entropy Insurrection is the foundation the universe
is built on. As an interactive prequel, you wlil play a role in the discovery of horrors
and great rewards as well as delve into the mysteries surrounding these secret
societies that seek to save and to control.